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Bellerbys College

Bellerbys College has valued OAL as a close partner in Singapore for more than 15 years. Together Bellerbys College and OAL have been working to get Singaporean students into the very best UK universities for some of the most competitive courses. We both believe in putting students first. Serene has visited our campuses on many…
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INTO University Partnerships

Working with OAL has been very rewarding. Serene and her team know exactly which students are right for the courses we offer. The OAL team have a wealth of experience and will provide you a study plan that fits your budget and ability. We are looking forward to many more years of cooperation with OAL.…
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William Angliss Institute, Melbourne

William Angliss Institute is proud to be a partner of Overseas Academic Link in Singapore. OAL has¬†provided excellent service to us and to many, many students wanting to pursue study opportunities abroad, at some of the finest Universities and institutions around the world. OAL - great quality service from fantastic staff. Dan Mabilia Manager International…
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Murdoch University

OAL has never failed to deliver the most professional service to our students, from counselling right through to application and pre-departure stage. Murdoch University students who have received assistance from OAL, have consistently offered very positive feedback about OAL's personalised and student-centric assistance, and this has often resulted in further student referrals. Murdoch fully acknowledges…
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