"The transition to a new environment overseas can be a difficult one. At OAL, cousellors are committed to ensuring that your progression to a tertiary institution is a smooth one. They have well-established working relations with many Universities and are extremely knowledgeable about the requirements for each course at the various institutions. This allows them to provide an efficient and reliable service to students. From visas to accommodation, OAL offers an extremely personalized service that suits your needs. Counsellor managed all the paperwork (visa application, blood tests, etc.) for getting into the MBBS program while I was serving full-time National Service, giving me peace of mind. Regular and prompt correspondence is maintained, even after enrolment, to address any concerns or issues that may hinder the assimilation of students into the new environment. Through their commitment to deliver high standards of service, I am very confident that the staff at OAL will tailor their efforts to cater to your unique needs."

Sathisvaran Kanavathy
MBBS @ Monash University