Testimonials from Students & Parents

“Had experienced the services of OAL and other Academic Links, but OAL was amazing in getting the job done. Efficient and helpful advice and services can be expected! Big thank you to Samuel as well!”

Megan Ortega

“Thank you Serene, I really appreciate all the things you’ve done for me. I want to say I’m forever grateful to you for helping me to continue to study in Australia, showing care and concern, and even going out of your way to help me out. You’re the BEST!”

Lee Yihan
UNSW Foundation

“I am very grateful to the people at Overseas Academic Link Pte Ltd (OAL) for being our link to Trinity College. From the word go, OAL has been ceaselessly assisting us in our applications to Trinity College, visas, medical check-ups and all background work. Upon graduation from Trinity College, my daughter was offered a place in the University of Melbourne. OAL was there with the same dedication and commitment with the second round of applications. Thank you OAL for your excellent and very personalized service!”

Mr and Mrs Kok
Study in Australia

“Thank you OAL and especially Rebecca for the great help throughout my whole university application process! Thanks to OAL, I was able to get an interview session with my university in Singapore and got plenty of useful information! They have helped me contact the school and provide me with all the necessary informations to continue my application and finishing my visa! And thank you so much on organizing the Pre-Departure briefing! It gave me so many useful insights on the near future! I don’t know what I’d do with their wonderful help!!”

Quy Phung Kelly Ta

“I am truly honoured to be one of the recipients of the OAL scholarship this year. Thanks to generous educational grants like yours, my dream of becoming a Speech Language Pathologist is moving forward. This award gives me an opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for becoming a SLP, a position in which I hope to be able to give back to my community while also working towards a role of leadership and responsibility.

Just as this grant has been important, I am also very grateful for the help and guidance that OAL and Serene have given me. OAL has been there for me every step of the way, from getting in touch with the representatives at the University of Sydney to guiding me in resolving the problems I had encountered in application, many of which could not have been solved without the help from OAL. This assistance has been invaluable in helping me settle down in Sydney and has also allowed me to focus more on my education.

Your generosity, both financially and with your advice and assistance, has inspired me to help others around me. In future, I hope that I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have empowered me.

Once again, thank you very much, OAL and Serene, for the vote of confidence, this scholarship and your indispensable help thus far.”

Krystal Chng
Master of Speech Language Pathology (MSLP), Class of 2020
University of Sydney

“OAL is experienced and always has my welfare in mind when assisting with my application. The advice they gave was what helped me ace my interview that helped me secure my place in my MA course. I highly recommend OAL. A big thank you for all your hard work.”

Bernard Teo

“Thank you OAL, special thanks to Serene, for paving the way for me to a wonderful and enriching overseas education experience, for helping me at every step of the way, from helping me with university course application and visa application to arranging a meeting with Victoria McEniery, Regional Marketing (South-East Asia) Manager of Otago University so that I am better prepared to arrive in Dunedin, New Zealand. With OAL’s support I am able to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery through the Health Sciences First Year pathway at Otago. Indeed, OAL is a bridge between student and university, bringing myself and my family, a step closer to our dreams.

Terima Kasih OAL, terutama sekali Serene, atas segala bantuan yang telah diberikan. Beliau telah membantu saya mempersiapkan aplikasi Universiti, aplikasi permohonan VISA New Zealand dan telah mengaturkan temu janji bersama Victoria McEniery, Pengurus Pemasaran Serantau bagi Asia Tenggara dari Universiti Otago supaya saya dapat mempersiapkan diri dengan lebih baik sebelum ke sana. Dengan sokongan OAL, saya dapat melanjutkan pelajaran di luar negara dalam jurusan doktor pergigian di Otago Universiti. Sememangnya, OAL adalah perantaraan bagi pelajar dan univerisiti, dan bagi kami, ia telah merapatkan kami sekeluarga dengan impian dan cita-cita yang ada.”

Hana Norizan
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Class of 2021.
University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ

“I am extremely thankful to staff of OAL for their guidance and assistance with my applications to one of the most renowned colleges for sciences in the United Kingdom. OAL provides excellent and realistic recommendations that accommodate to each student’s needs. They have been extremely patient and exceptionally resourceful in providing stress-free and extremely organized applications to various universities. They are also very efficient in helping new prospective students connect with other students of their respective universities to provide a smooth transition to new environments. I am grateful for OAL’s help in facilitating my applications for undergraduate and postgraduate schools, and I will highly recommend OAL to any prospective students.”

Charmaine Lim
University of Dundee

“Whenever we speak to friends with children studying overseas, the name ‘OAL’ inevitably comes up. Of course we know of other education counselling companies, but since the recommendation was strong and we had not heard of any negative feedback, it was a no brainer when the time comes for us to consider overseas education for our two sons, that our first task was to contact ‘OAL’.

From our first telephone call to request for a lunch hour appointment, to the day our son started his first day at Trinity College in Melbourne, Counsellor at OAL meticulously and patiently answered all our questions and walked us through the processes. Counsellor recommended options for our considerations, and even counselled our son on his ideals.

Always accommodating and seeing to our needs and conveniences, enrolling our sons through OAL were a breeze. OAL had even assisted us on a situation, going beyond their boundaries. They do go the extra mile in their service.

Well done, OAL! Keep up the good work.”

Lee Eng Kiat & Susan
Parents of Ivan Lee, Trinity College, Melbourne 2011;
Terence Lee, INTO Manchester, UK 2012

“Thank you OAL and Rebecca, for the stellar service! I started my bachelor degree in University of Melbourne 4 years ago and am now doing my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. There are a few hiccups along the way but every single time, Rebecca has it handled.

I recently renewed my passport and needed the details of my student visa changed and once again, Rebecca helped me with all the administrative procedures. It has been 4 years so I am slightly embarrassed that I still need to trouble Rebecca for such things but she never cease to amaze me with her incredible support.

I still remember when I was just a clueless FOB (fresh of the boat) that had no idea how life in Melbourne was going to be like. And Rebecca really gave me all the information and advice that I needed that allow me to have a smooth transition into student life. It was a fearful period for me as I was full of uncertainties but Rebecca’s advice definitely helped me a lot.

Thank you so much, Rebecca! For everything. And thank you, OAL!”

Haoting Chow

“I’m grateful for the help that OAL gave me (through Rebecca). Because of OAL, I was able to get a slot in University of Melbourne and a student visa without much difficulty. Rebecca was very professional, precise, helpful and patient. She walked me through the entire process and did the legwork. I wouldn’t be on my way to Melbourne next year if not for her help. Thank you OAL and Rebecca!”

Kayla Andrea Rivadillo

“Thank you OAL for your great help and constant reminders! OAL, especially Rebecca was always there to help or consult whenever there’s a doubt. Greatly appreciated! :)”

Lu Ningyi

“Extremely reliable, friendly and willing to go the extra mile to accomplish the goals of the students/clients.”

Vinod Benjamin